Empresariado social y negocios inclusivos

4 thousand million people, who survive on less than 4 dollars a day, are excluded from the economy and markets. They lack the sufficient productive skills to be competitively integrated in the local and international value chains. If we consider this from a basic, traditional corporate approach, this segment is not apparently profitable.

Here at CODESPA we believe that large, médium and small-sized companies, that make up the productive fabric of the countries where we work, have an essential role in the fight against poverty. For this reason, we involve companies in most of our projects, as a sustainability strategy, to generate new job opportunities and market access, or to provide products and services that improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries. We do this by:

  • The creation and strengthening of rural association and cooperative companies, which once strengthened, are competitively reintegrated in the local and international value chains.
  • The development of inclusive supply chains, by local or international companies that include our beneficiaries in their business, as suppliers or distributors.
  • The transfer of technical knowledge from the company to the communities, so that they can improve their competitiveness and access to formal sales channels that guarantee long-term income increase.