Get Involved

How you can help us

  • Support in events (photography, logistics, raising awareness and education for development)
  • Graphic design and creativity design
  • Support in research work
  • Translations
  • Review of documents
  • Administrative work

By giving us your time and your skills, you will contribute to ending poverty

Become a Volunteer or Intern

We currently have 251 volunteers in CODESPA , willing to give part of their time to perform activities, directly getting involved in the fight against poverty. This Volunteer Pool includes both online and onsite volunteers.

We are convinced that volunteering becomes more effective when the volunteer contributes with their own experience and knowledge. For this purpose, CODESPA’s volunteers carry out activities that they are familiar with, thanks to their knowledge and skills, providing an added value.

We would like you to join us and become the opportunity that the most vulnerable people need, contributing to poverty eradication.

How can you join us?

  • Write to us at with your details (name, last name, age, degree and areas in which you would like to help us).
  • Complete the following information :