Through our CODESPA Partner program companies of any sector and size can contribute to a more inclusive economy.

Every year, thousands of people manage to get out of poverty thanks to their own personal and professional development. Through our work, we contribute to the creation of an economic fabric centered on people where decent employment is guaranteed to improve their living conditions.

The companies that are part of this program make it possible for 83,000 people to have that opportunity every year:

  • To have access to basic education and quality training.
  • To improve the quality of their diets and food and to carry out healthy living practices.
  • To be part of the financial market adapted to their needs.
  • That they can develop personally and professionally in jobs or enterprises under dignified conditions.

Why join?

  1. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MEASURE YOUR IMPACT. We measure the impact of contributions. We multiply the scope of your social investment.
  2. YOU WILL CREATE A RESPONSIBLE BRAND. Recognition and differentiation to stakeholders. Employees’ feeling of belonging.
  3. YOU WILL OBTAIN TAX BENEFITS. You will be able to deduct 35% of your contribution in the corporate tax.
  4. SOCIAL IMPACT. You will contribute to 83,000 people having access to an opportunity, every year.

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JOIN IN. Invest in projects with a social impact

If you are interested in joining the CODESPA Partner Program, please contact Elena Martínez, Deputy General Director, Projects and Institutional Development Area of CODESPA by sending an email to or calling (+34) 917 44 42 40.