1. To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition including donation acknowledgement letters delineating the tax-deductible contribution.
  2. To know CODESPA America’s good governance norms and bylaws.
  3. To know the identity of CODESPA America’s Board of Directors.
  4. To be assured information about their donation is handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  5. To receive periodical information about our activities and advancement of our projects.
  6. To know that CODESPA America, will never sell, rent, or make available your name or information related to your gifts, for purposes unrelated to CODESPA America.
  7. To know how CODESPA America spends funds and to be made aware of our projects and social impact your gifts help fund.
  8. To know that CODESPA America is in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws.
  9. To designate your gift to specific projects or purposes.
  10. To receive a quick response to your inquiries about CODESPA America’s finances and programs.
  11. To expect that CODESPA will never use high-pressure tactics to solicit your support.
  12. To know that our appeals for funds are truthful and accurate to the very best of our knowledge.