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193 world leaders have committed to the new Sustainable Development Goals, where companies, large and small, play a fundamental role. Our experience of more than 30 years of working side by side with the private sector, shows that the alliances with companies, governments and NGOs allows us to be more far reaching in the fight against poverty..

Success in helping 2,400 Angolan families win the fight against starvation thanks to the collaboration of companies such as Natura, Foundation ISS and SENER; enabling more than 3,000 families to be able to launch small businesses related to tourism in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru together with the International Development Bank and companies such as Ineco; and even help more than 100,000 families in Vietnam, with the help of the Government, is only thanks to the private sector.

These are incredible achievements and in the near future we would like to write about what we have achieved together. Help us by financing one of the following projects::

You decide where to invest your money

1. Banks containing quality seeds in the fight against starvation

50% of the Angolan population suffer food insecurity. Through the seed banks, families can improve their harvests and ensure their source of food.

WE NEED: $35,000 USD for the creation of a seed bank, which will help 150 families guarantee their source of food.

2. Other projects

In 2019 we carried out more than 66 projects in 11 countries.

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  • We are an audited international NGO and you will always have access to our accounts.
  • We go to the root of the problem, we combat the causes and promote innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • We involve companies and employees in our projects.
  • We are a team of committed professionals.
  • We evaluate and measure the results.

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