Micro-finance for enterprise development

According to information from the World Bank, approximately 2.500 million people and 200 million micro and small businesses in the world have no financial service that supports them in their family economy or in the expansion of their business. They are excluded from the financial system, mainly due to their lack of financial resources and situation of risk.

The most vulnerable population that we work with faces barriers such as distance, the lack of guarantees and, above all, the lack of trust from the financial service providers. Financial exclusion concentrates on certain population profiles: women, indigenous people and the rural population, who are remote and difficult to reach.

At CODESPA we work to achieve the financial inclusion of the farmers and families we support by:

  1. Strengthening micro-finance institutions so that they have greater rapprochement with the rural populations with few resources.
  2. The design and implementation of micro-finance products, lines of credit, health insurance and farming micro-insurance, adapted to their financial and social situation.
  3. The leverage of public and private finance resources, which enable responding to the demand for credit of the rural populations.
  4. Accompanying the beneficiaries in their rapprochement to the micro-finance sector, reducing the perception of risk and the barriers in place.
  5. Alliances with the private sector, which facilitate purchase guarantees, market access and better credit repayment.
  6. Financial education, to better manage family savings and credits received.