Professional training and job placement

The difficulties in accessing a formal job, which guarantees decent financial and living conditions, are multiplied in the case of populations with few resources, who cannot access training services adapted to their situation. These barriers increase for women, or people who have had a family and social situation that places them at risk.

Barriers for entering companies, a qualified job source, are considerable in the case of the vulnerable population, which has not been able to receive any specialised training, which does not have a profession and which, like in the majority of developing countries, has been performing different jobs every day in the informal sector since they were children, barely being able to survive.

At CODESPA, we believe that providing access to training is essential for achieving stable and decent social and economic development. Hence, we promote the qualification of people with limited resources by vocational training programmes, always aimed at professional integration. We believe that it is fundamental for this training to be linked to local companies’ requirements for qualified personnel, without leaving aside the needs of the most disadvantaged population: women who are heads of the family, rural populations, young people at risk of social exclusion and persons with a disability.