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The sustainable solution for water in Cunene

Location: Cunene province, South of Angola.

  • Municipality of Ombadja (communes of Xangongo and Naulila).
  • Municipality of Curoca (communes of Oncôcua and Chitado).

Dates: March 2020 – August 2022.

Objective: Promote the good use of water in domestic and agricultural activities:

  • Rehabilitate, improve or create sources of access to water.
    Improve community management of this resource, for human consumption and agricultural use.
  • Encourage behavioral changes that reinforce these goals.
    Guarantee the availability and sustainable management of water in the long term.

Beneficiaries: local population of Ombadja and Cuvelai.

Title: Aumento da resiliência nas comunidades através do acesso a água para fins domésticos e agropecuários (Increase in the resilience of Cunene communities through access to water for domestic and agricultural purposes). FRESAN. Lot 1.

Funded by: European Union, with the co-financing of Camões IP, Roviralta Foundation and CODESPA.

Alliances: Development aid for the population of Angola (ADPP), CODESPA.

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