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Adapted production systems, improved food safety

Location: Province of Cunene, southern Angola:

  • Ombadja municipality (communes of Naulila, Xangongo e Humbe).
  • Municipality of Cuvelai (communes of Mukolongondjo and Calonga).

Dates: December 2019 – September 2022.


  • Strengthening resilience and food and nutritional security of populations, especially those most vulnerable to the effects of drought.
  • Adaptation of agricultural systems to ensure their climate resilience to the effects of semi-arid conditions.

Beneficiaries: population belonging to the local farming communities of Ombadja and Cuvelai.

Title: Adaptação dos sistemas agrários para melhoria da segurança alimentar e nutricional em Cunene (Adaptation of agricultural systems to improve food and nutritional security in Cunene). FRESAN. Lot 2.

Funded by: European Union, co-financed by Camões IP and Tetra Pak.

Partners: Development Aid for the Population of Angola (ADPP), Institute for Agronomic Research (IIA), CODESPA.