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Launching the English version of our web site

Launching the English version of our web site

After launching our new corporative web site in September we start 2014 greeting its English version.

In line with our strategic goals leading towards the internationalization of our organization, involving international and multilateral partners, we are now sharing with the English speaking world all our work and experience. In the specific area dedicated to projects you can now get to know how we develop innovative and sustainable development projects in different countries and communities, including different stakeholders, from private sector to public institutions in the fight against poverty.

Trusting the importance of transparency, fundamental aspect for an institution such CODESPA, on the web site you can also find the evolution of our numbers and finance, our professional team and lots more.

Our goal is to spread our development approach at an international level, sharing our projects, experience and success through involving more and more people into our mission of working for a fairer and better world.

Check our English web site by clicking here.