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The Popular and Solidarity Financial Sector contributes to changing Ecuador’s production matrix

The Popular and Solidarity Financial Sector contributes to changing Ecuador's production matrix

RENAFIPSE, our local partner in Ecuador as part of the popular and solidarity financial sector, organised last November in the community of San Jacinto, Canton of Sucre, Manabí province, the VII International Encounter on Popular and Solidarity Finance of Ecuador. This event brought together delegates from 22 provinces in the country and representatives of the technical office for cooperation of the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency (AECID).

The meeting described experiences with the economy and popular and solidarity finance linked to RENAFIPSE as a contribution to territorial development and defined the elements and strategies so that the participants in Popular and Solidarity Finances can best contribute to changing the country’s production matrix.

The interventions by various representatives of institutions such as the Superintendence of the Popular and Solidarity Economy, the National Popular and Solidarity Finance Corporation, the National Secretariat for Planning and Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries among others, were necessary in order to reaffirm the sector’s responsibility and duty towards the country: to live with an economy that is based on values, solidarity, that is collective and made by and for human groups.

In the course of the event, RENAFIPSE handed CODESPA a thank-you plaque for the technical and financial support they are currently receiving from us.


The AECID is funding our project in Ecuador under the Agreement for the “Creation and consolidation of microenterprises and promotion and institutionalisation of popular microfinance in marginal urban and rural zones of Colombia and Ecuador”.