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Marie Rose reports from the Philippines

Marie Rose works in the Philippines so that the most disadvantaged can be given an opportunity. Here is her testimony from Cebú.

“The government will not allow us to enter affected areas yet for security reasons. We work in cities where friends and relatives have been affected and which have not been reached by the media coverage. Now, we are concentrating just on helping these people to cover their basic needs, and we hope to be able to help to them to build a simple shelter. Once the situation is more settled, we are planning to offer “means of living” classes (to show people how to work to fend for themselves) through our foundation. We need money for this project and also, simply, in order to build a house for them. A provisional wooden house costs 15,000 Php (259 euros) whereas an apartment of 25 square meters would cost 250,000 Php (4,310 euros).

The only contact we have with survivors is via SMS. Some people we know are still missing. We have heard that two people from Leyte may travel to Cebu at the end of this week. We hope to receive news from there directly. We need donations to rebuild their lives”.

You can make your contribution stating “Emergency in the Philippines” to the following account number: 0049 5232 87 2710029050.