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Guide for the implementation of a Corporate Volunteering for Development programme

The globalisation process of the last decades has led to the establishment of a new world order in which important companies have achieved a strong influence in political and social spheres and are thus expected to assume a greater responsibility in relation to solving the main barriers that prevent the development of humanity.

The eradication of poverty, the future welfare communities in development areas, the social integration of people in risk of exclusion are, among others, some of the deeply rooted global problems which, due to their complexity, demand joint action carried out by the different social agents.

In the last decades, as a result of several factors, many companies have gradually got involved in the search of solutions for these global problems. In this sense, the talks and rapprochement of views between the private and the third sector have been one of the keys to improve business contribution to development.

In practice, these ideas have materialised in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And within the different actions that may compose a CSR strategy, Corporate Volunteering has become one of the initiatives which best materialises theory into action.