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Barcelona: ¿Cómo contribuir a los ODS a través de cadenas de suministro incluyentes?

The Sustainable Development Goals promote inclusive growth through alliances, including companies as one of the main actors to achieve them. One way to foster a more inclusive economy is for companies to drive supply chains that integrate vulnerable groups.

Many companies source raw materials and by-products from small and medium-sized companies that, in turn, buy low-income producers. Producers often face great limitations: scarce support services, lack of access to financing and limited resources to improve their agribusinesses and to be able to respond to the demand of the companies, which perpetuates their situation of poverty.

At CODESPA we have been working with companies and small producers for more than 30 years, promoting value chains in which the company offers fair and responsible terms of exchange and relationship, and small producers as suppliers are committed to responding and complying with the standards of the company in quality and time.

The objective of this cycle is to bring Spanish companies closer to the challenges and opportunities of launching these initiatives, as well as the limitations that rural producers in developing countries face.

The conference will be attended by an Ecuadorian association of CADO producers, as a reference for their work in the association of 350 producers of the sugarcane value chain in rural Ecuador, who will expose the problems they face. this group and the power that companies have when it comes to contributing to their economic integration through their supply chains. Likewise, cases and good practices from the private sector will be presented to promote inclusive supply chains.

At CODESPA we want to inspire more companies to commit to responsible and inclusive supply chains, through which they find interesting opportunities for business while producing a positive impact on the community.

Who is it for?

Directors of Corporate Social Responsibility
Purchasing and logistics directors
Non-governmental organizations that participate in supporting producers for their economic integration

9:00 h a 9:30 h – Reception and coffee.
9:30 h a 9:45 h – Welcome and presentation by Beatriz Puig Sans, General Secretary of Fundació CODESPA.
9:45 h a 10:45 h – Challenges, opportunities and good practices in inclusive supply chains. We will have the presence of Carlos Cabrera from the CADO producer cooperative, Rosa Mª Bruges, CODESPA Project Technician.
10:45 h a 11.10 h – Presentation Nicholas Allen, Senior Manager Patagonia, who will tell us about his experience in this type of initiative.
11.10 h a 11.30 h – Space for questions and debate.

For more information, contact Teresa Carbó (tcarbo@fundaciocodespa.org; 93 200 04 00).